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A5 Planner Cover Material

The production of hardcover books in the printing factory is not only related to various paper materials, for example, but the following common nonpaper materials can also be used to produce the cover of custom a5 planner.

The 1st is silk, which is the commonly used binding cloth. Dense cotton, hemp, and man-made fibers also include smooth tussah, velvet, and polyester. The a5 planner binder craftsmen of Shenzhen Printing Factory can choose different but appropriate fabrics according to the content and functional needs of their books. If it is a hardbound organizer planner that you often read, a5 diary Planner Notebook Printing Factory GuangAo will suggest that you give priority to solid fabric mounting. If it is to express the high-grade smooth and delicate style, you can choose smooth silk fabrics. Often in the daily design concept, the fabric of some clothes will also be directly used to make the cover mounting of hardbound books, such as the pattern and thread ends of denim fabric. The most commonly used binding fabric is the denim pattern.

2nd is the PU leather a5 weekly planner. The coating of this material can be used for scrubbing and hot stamping. PU Planner a5 is not only convenient to process but also affordable. Therefore, it is a common material used by GuangAo printing manufacturers to make hardbound PU a5 notebook covers. For example, some combined hardbound books with several or a dozen books will use PU material.

The 3rd is wood, which is used to make hardcover book covers. You may not think it is very common, but in our long history of notebook wood bookbinding and personalized wooden organizer in China, there are countless books and periodicals with wood covers. Today, such a mounting method is also popular with many bookbinding artists, often used for some traditional bookbinding. Because of the high price of wood, the complexity of processing will make many wooden notebook printing and binding processing manufacturers worry about it. However, wood materials have a very unique expression in the design effect of book binding covers, and will play a great role in improving the overall connotation and level of hardcover books.

A5 Planner

The 4th is leather. As the binding material of notebook a5 hardcover, leather has always been expensive, and it is also difficult to process. Our Shenzhen Printing Factory will only use it when customizing some small quantities of exquisite books that need to be collected. Nowadays, artificial leather is generally used, because artificial leather can be said to be superior to leather in terms of cost and performance, and also for the principle of protecting animals.

GuangAo, a printing manufacturer in Shenzhen, keeps a heart of reverence for the craft in the hardcover book printing and binding. A good reputation comes from a reasonable understanding of each process and each material, so as to create a satisfactory custom hardcover a5 organizer for customers. Get to know more about us: