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Difference Between Hardcover And Paperback Catalog Custom

What is the difference between hardcover album printing and ordinary catalog printing? Let GuangAo introduce these differ of catalog customs.

It is necessary for us to distinguish between the catalog printing company GuangAo when we decide to make wholesale catalog printing. As the name suggests, hardcover catalog printing is higher than ordinary catalog custom. Business catalog custom printing with higher printing requirements has a more tasteful appearance, showing the core competitiveness of the enterprise, products, and other marketing information. Our salesmen will be more persuasive when they face customers with a tall hardbound catalog, which is also a subtle manifestation of a strong enterprise’s respect for customers.

catalog custom

The technical requirements for hardcover catalog custom printing are quite high. The requirements for design, pictures, product placement, paper, oil quality, printing equipment, printing technology, and other aspects are higher than those of ordinary ones, highlighting the power of exquisite, high-end, and corporate culture.

The main difference between a hardcover catalog and a paperback catalog lies in the difference in binding methods, one is hardcover, and the other is paperback. The two also distinguish the processing technology of the cover on the components. The cover of the hardbound catalog is mostly made of cardboard or uses leather, binding cloth, and other highly artistic sealing materials. The design highlights the strength and culture of their brands and enterprises. Ordinary catalogs only use slightly hard or thicker paper as the cover.

In terms of bookbinding: ordinary paperback catalogs are simply book bound with riding nails or wireless glue binding. However, the hardbound enterprise catalog uses professional equipment. For example, GungAo Martini hardbound linkage line is used for binding, the inside text is used for thread threading and glue binding, and then the book shell is put on the hardcover.

GuangAo focuses on printing company catalogs, and always gains the trust of customers in detail. A good catalog comes from GuangAo’s professional focus and attention. Learn more and inquire about catalog printing costs at GuangAo Services.