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How To Choose Your Dream Planner?

A handy and convenient dream planner is very necessary, whether it is study notes or meeting records.

Having a good planner can be used for better writing, better recording, and better reading, which is very helpful for study and work.

The outward appearance of planners

It is also very important to choose the appearance design of the organizer notebook. This appearance mainly depends on the cover. The cover should choose a notebook suitable for use in the scene. The materials are generally kraft paper and PU leather, which are more common and have a texture.

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  1. The cover is a small and fresh cover design of solid color, which is very fresh and versatile, and it is also oil and waterproof, very easy to clean, and has a good texture.
  2. The stitching process is adopted, which is strong and durable, and can be easily flattened for writing, which is natural, comfortable, and convenient.
  3. There is also a pen insert design on the side, which is quite user-friendly and practical. There is no need to add an additional pen to find a pen.
  4. The paper is made of thickened 80g white paper, the texture is very thick and tight, the ink will be absorbed more evenly, and it is not easy to seep the ink, and the writing is smooth and clear.
  5. Comes with bookmark tape, which can be easily and quickly searched and marked.
  6. 360° page flip, the sealing line is firm and not easy to fall off the page, and there are three-color styles to choose from. As a Planner personalized manufacturer, GuangAo can customize the printing logo, page design, and color matching for customers.
dream planner
Cherry pink
dream planner
Lake blue
dream planner
Gentle grey

Whether it is workmanship, appearance, paper, cover materials, as well as the overall design and the number of papers, they are all very good. They have both appearance and humanized practical design. The whole is very durable. Cost-effective. Whether it is a customized enterprise business planner or a personal customized notepad planner, to GuanAo.