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Quote Elements For Custom Hardcover Planner

Recently, customers and friends were not clear about the price composition of Hardcover Planner Printing in the process of inquiring about the price of Shenzhen printing factory GuangAo, so today we briefly and clearly analyze the price of custom hardcover planner production for you, which consists of the following aspects:

  1. Quantity (eg: 2000 copies or 5000 copies, GuangAo printed hardcover notebook is 300 copies MOQ)
  2. Paper (grams of cover paper, grams of inner paper, and paper type, such as stone paper)
  3. Specifications (the specific size of the finished product, such as A4, 16 open or 150*218MM, and the number of pages of the hardcover book, which is how many P, or how many pages)
  4. Printing method (four-color printing is color printing, two-color printing is black and white printing, cover color or text black and white, and other specific requirements)
  5. Other processes (such as cover with sub-film, drumming, bronzing, UV, etc.)
  6. Binding method (saddle stitching, glue binding, glue binding, wire binding hardcover, wireless hardcover, fake hardcover, etc.)
  7. Packaging method (many packaging methods are generally packing and shipping, and the carton needs to be customized according to the specification and thickness of the book)
  8. Logistics and distribution methods (GuangAo printing provides free delivery services in Shenzhen, and other logistics services have high-quality long-term cooperative logistics companies)
custom hardcover planner

Therefore, if you make an inquiry to Shenzhen printing factory GuangAo, please provide the above 8 items first, and leave your contact information to communicate the production process requirements of hardcover books in real-time. GuangAo has a professional hardcover book printing and binding quotation team for You to provide the most efficient and fast quotation. Email:, learn more about GuangAo Organizer Planner Custom Services.