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How Much Is Custom Planner Printing?

Today, 95% of consumers think of the price first when shopping. When they need to buy the same product, they often have a certain price range in mind. Seeing that the price of the product is suitable, most consumers will click in to continue to understand the product. So it is the same in the traditional printing industry, how much is custom planner printing? This is what customers care about.

Custom Planner Printing

GuangAo believes that only when customers inquire about the printing price of Planner, will there be the intention and possibility of transaction. This kind of inquiry is responsible for the enterprise and also responsible for its own purchase behavior. How much is the custom weekly planner? Is there an exact number or answer?

Planner is actually just a Writing Note. There is nothing special about it. It should be very simple to make, which is what most people think. In fact, it is not the case. Custom organizers have a variety of raw materials, various processes, and numerous processes for printing. For example, what kind of paper is used for the raw materials of custom planner pages? Is it Custom Planner Printing paper, powder paper, or coated paper? Does the production process need UV, water oil, or bronzing? The price of inner page Custom Planner Printing is quoted separately according to different colors, different materials, different thicknesses, different styles, different processes, and different quantities. Therefore, there is also a general rule for planner printing and binding. The less, the higher the price.

GuangAo is here to tell everyone in charge that if you don’t know much about printing materials, processes, and processes, it is recommended to call GuangAo Custom Planner Printing consultant or online customer service on the website for a consultation. Our printing engineers will provide you with one-to-one tailor-made solutions. GuangAo’s mission is to Differentiate global printed products Planner and sell your products better.

planner printing and binding
Planner Printing And Binding

How To Choose High Quality Paper Notebook

The survey found that when consumers choose a Lifestyle Planner, they will first clarify their needs, and then choose the right product, such as a daily planner, weekly planner, meeting planner, Fitness Planner, Food Planner, or Financial Planner, and then compare prices. During the period, I wonder if you have compared the quality of the products?

The devil is always in the details, but GuangAo Custom Planner Printing has a professional quality control team of more than 20 people led by Custom Planner printing and binding quality management experts with more than 10 years of experience, to escort each of our orders. So choosing GuangAo is tantamount to choosing peace of mind.

First, doing a good job of self-inspection before the order is put on the machine is the first task that every printing director must complete. First of all, we have to review the Planner orders that need to be produced, check the process requirements and characteristics of the engineering bills, whether the proofs or Custom Planner Printing samples correspond, and whether the contents are consistent and other necessary factors. If there are any doubts, we must contact relevant personnel to solve them before starting production.

Then there is the self-inspection of machinery and equipment, electrical switching, shift work, and the explanation of the actual situation of machinery and equipment. At the same time, the three principles of washing tape frequently, stirring ink frequently, and sampling sheets frequently should be followed. The last is the self-sampling inspection of the samples to ensure that each sample meets the standards, and then confirm the first sample, QC, captain, and foreman will sign the samples and enter mass production.

Second, in the production of each process, the special inspection of products is led by the quality department. Our inspection personnel in each process must first produce engineering orders, samples for the process, and the specific styles and samples of the actually produced products. Check against the control. To achieve no less than 3 sampling inspections for each machine, the key point is to control the quality situation in production at any time.

Third, the mutual inspection of each process is led by the crew foreman, that is, the product handover inspection between the next process and the previous process. The specific product situation must be clearly recorded, handed over face to face, and the defective products detected by each product can be counted. As an important factor in the performance appraisal of each process personnel. Products that are confirmed to be OK by the previous process can flow into the next process.

High Quality Paper Notebook

How to Choose A Good Custom Notebook Printing Manufacturer?

Customers who know about Custom Planner Printing know that GuangAo Printing and Custom Planner is famous for its quality in the industry. The Hardcover Palnner of each printing company is low or high, and the price of a hardcover product made of the same raw materials varies by several dollars. Don’t think that a few dollars are not much, but please think carefully, hardcovers The volume of organizer printing is generally relatively large, often more than tens of thousands of copies. If only small batches are printed, the printing price of hardcover notebooks given by printing companies will often be higher.

First of all, it depends on the equipment. Many Custom Planner Printing Companies do not have hardcover Custom Planner Printing production equipment at all. They print the hardcover notebooks first, and then outsource the production to printing companies with hardcover book equipment. It is completed by a number of printing companies. The quality of such products is often There is not guaranteed, and the confidentiality of the product cannot be controlled. Some unqualified hardcover leather planner products have a strong ink smell, the shell is easy to fall off, and the service life is not long.

The Planner products sold in this way will affect the reputation of the factory. GuangAo Planner printing and custom, mid-level price, high-end quality, brand-new imported Planner linkage production line equipment, many unique processes, high-grade products, large production capacity, and accurate delivery. You get what you pay for, and you can’t ignore the quality of the product in order to save the cost you see in front of you. GuangAo does not compete on price, but only competes with you on quality.

The Planner Printing Company Your Can Trust

Hardcover Planner refers to an exquisite production method of Organizer Notebook, equipped with a protective hard bottom cover, which has the advantages of beautiful, gorgeous, easy to save, and high collection value, so Planner collectors and Brand owners like Hardcover Notebook Organizer, among all Personal Planner types, Hardcover Planner is more complicated and particular. Then some people will ask, there are so many weekly planner manufacturers, why choose GuangAo to cooperate?

Printing Planner is indispensable for paper, ink, experienced printing technicians, and advanced equipment! GuangAo Printing has 23 years of experience in notebook hardcover printing and processing and has introduced imported custom hardcover planner linkage production line equipment, which connects a group of automatic machine tools and auxiliary equipment in accordance with the process sequence and automatically completes all or part of the production process of the product. The whole line is one Long mechanical processing replaces more than ten procedures of manual operation, with high production efficiency and high product quality.

GuangAo, a comprehensive Planner brand printing enterprise integrating pre-press production, printing, post-press processing, and logistics, is a designated enterprise for official printing by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. Long-term cooperation with Sancai Technology, Fund Group, Deli, Moleskine, Cleverfox and other domestic and foreign well-known enterprises, focusing on making every printed matter for customers for 23 years. It is your professional printing processing factory. If you are interested in GuangAo planner printing company Or have doubts, GuangAo welcome to hear your advice Email: