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Making Agenda Planner Sample Process

The hardcover agenda planner products of GuangAo Stationery have a good reputation in the Planner industry, so in the whole process of hardcover notebook printing, from document review to the printing process, the production of sample agenda notebooks is essential. Making a sample weekly organizer in GuangAo service is also a very important part of what we usually call proofing.

The process of planner sample making, all the process characteristics, and the selection of materials will be our engineering department to judge whether the process flow of this hardcover journal is correct and reasonable. And predict the problems that may occur in the production of large-scale goods and the solutions to these problems, and even the need for technological improvement, etc., can show us the way through sample production, and also allow customers to produce large-scale goods in our process.

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First of all, after our order is established, the salesman will issue a white sample production weekly pages according to the production requirements of hardcover agenda, submit it to the engineering department for review, and submit it to the white sample production team for production after the process is correct. At the same time, if there are special paper or auxiliary material, planner cover, page layout design, theme features requirements, it is necessary to communicate with the purchasing department in advance to purchase materials with special needs when the white sample production book is issued. For example, there is no stock for the accessories such as binding cloth, and the supplier has no stock in stock, so it is recommended to purchase about a week in advance.

Agenda Notebook Samples Making

Then there are the eight major processes of making white customizable planner samples printed by GuangAo, which were mentioned in the previous article, and will not be discussed in detail here. Like all white sample production cycles, the sample book will be delivered to you in about 5-7 working days after the process and materials are in order. If you think there is no problem with the process, you can directly reply to GuangAo’s consultants to enter the big board. goods production process.

If you need to make a finished sample book, the production cycle of the sample book is also 5-10 working days, which is also determined according to the material and process. The function of the finished sample book is more comprehensive than the white sample, and it also increases the cost. The finished sample book refers to the sample book that is one-to-one with the bulk finished product. It can not only realize the reference of the binding process but also provide a relative reference for the printing process.

However, GuangAo’s innovation in printing technology is always at the forefront of the hardcover printing industry. Under the color management G7 process, we can maximize the minimum color difference and achieve the standard. There is no need to make a finished product sample book, and the cost is controlled for the customer from a practical point of view.

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GuangAo always thinks about what customers think, and what customers worry about will be solved carefully in GuangAo printing. In the production of hardcover stationery gift samples, it is not only the important of the technological process but also the considerate service provided to customers in the process, eliminating the need for customer concerns. Customizable personalized planners. Get to know about us.