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Customized planner supplier that implements TQC

TQC: What is the concept? Is total quality control total quality management, referred to as TQC.

TQC of GuangAo Planner Printing Factory. It requires everyone to be responsible for the quality of Planner products, find quality problems in time, and solve problems in the place of origin. Unlike ordinary enterprises, we are a manufacturer engaged in the printing and binding of books, periodicals and publications. According to the inertial thinking, perhaps no printing factory in everyone’s mind will propose such quality control and apply it to the real world. GuangAo is really free. Effortlessly doing this.

In fact, such an advanced quality management concept comes from Japanese companies, and employees even have the right to stop the production line when they find a quality problem with the custom organizer. Because one of the concepts of total quality management is that constant quality is more important than high output.

customized planner supplier
customized planner supplier

Of course, the quality maintenance of GuangAo notebooks and publications printing and binding is more important than high output. Therefore, in TQC, more emphasis is placed on full control, that is, every employee guarantees that no custom planner pages with quality defects will be allowed to enter the next process.

For example, the printing process of our hardcover Planner, publication books, etc.; assuming that each worker in the printing process can 100% ensure that only the quality sheets are folded in the next process, that is, the workers in the folding process can Find the unqualified workpieces 100% (here it is assumed that there is 1 unqualified folded sheet), and send the rest of the qualified folded sheets (here, it is assumed that there are 114-1=113) into the thread locking process; 

The workers in the line process only allow 108 qualified wool book pieces to enter the hardcover/gluing nails, and pick out 5 unqualified wool books; and so on, the qualified products produced by the hardcover workers in the final process are 100 pieces.

Your Insigh. Our Mission.

custom planner printing Workshop

In the eyes of planner person, personal organizers are like children. From gestation and writing, to Planner layout, printing and meeting with Planner users, GuangAo has put a lot of effort into it. It can also be said to be a relay race. The Planner Book Printing Factory is also destined to occupy an important part of the whole process at the moment of taking over the baton. To make a book well, GuangAo has worked tirelessly from beginning to end.

What is important is that there is also a team of skilled printing captains to escort each of your hardcover prints. Talent, technology and equipment are the important factors for GuangAo customized planner printing to establish itself in the planner printing and binding services industry market for 24 years.

On the basis of the original planner printing software and hardware equipment, GuangAo added the G7 gray balance color management technology to the machine in 2017, which is another guarantee for customers who are worried about the color difference of books and periodicals in wholesale planner printing. Not only that, the new Ryobi Xinling five-color machine is very suitable for printing high-end hardcover Planner books and periodicals, as well as GuangAo resource Martini hardcover linkage line. The whole line of post-process book binding equipment is the world’s advanced.

To make the publication of weekly planner books simple and efficient, the intermediate link that GuangAo customized planner manufacturer can do is to undertake the bridge between writers and readers. The wisdom of writers, publishers, and even Planner book-binders is unified into the expression of the printing house. Shenzhen GuangAo customized planner supplier makes these upstream and downstream customers feel at ease.

GuangAo is committed to becoming a world-renowned custom planner printing company, and brand. Its products are exported all over the world, and the products are 100% fitted to the hardcover planner market. It is your best choice.

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