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6 Factors Influencing Notebook Paper Printing

GuangAo deals with paper every day, especially in every process of hardcover paper notebook printing and binding. We can know the six points by paying attention to the planner notebook paper, and we can get the ideal paper planner printing effect.

1. Thickness of Organizer Notebook

Refers to the thickness of the notebook paper. The thickness of the paper should be uniform, or the printing effect will be significantly different. GuangAo Planner Printing has solved this problem when implementing the purchase of hardcover book paper. The loose thickness of each hardcover book product must be purchased according to the brand and the standard loose thickness of the type. Our warehousing department needs to measure the loose thickness of the newly warehoused paper every day to ensure the actual loose thickness of the paper notebook at the source.

2. Tightness of Paper Notebook

Tightness refers to the degree of looseness or tightness of the Planner paper structure, also known as specific gravity or volume. Tightness is closely related to ink absorption and smoothness. The ink absorption of general paper decreases with the increase of compactness, so the paper with high compactness should use oxidized conjunctival dry ink. It is consistent to pay attention to the tightness and loose thickness of the paper. In the printing room of Media Printing, the technicians will evaluate the paper status based on their own experience and properly adjust various implementation indicators such as printing ink.

stone paper

3. Smoothness of Planner Notebook Paper

Smoothness refers to the degree of flatness and smoothness of the paper surface. Smoothness determines the closeness of the contact between the paper and the blanket. Obviously, the clarity of images and texts printed on paper with poor smoothness will be affected. Proper smoothness is conducive to the reflection of the printing color effect. According to the color requirements of each calendar notebook, select the notebook paper with reasonable smoothness.

4. Planner Papaer Dustiness

Dustiness refers to the existence of black and non-black spots on the paper surface that are different from the paper color. In offset printing, the limitation of dust is mainly based on the requirements of printed materials. For example, when printing portraits, maps, photo albums, books, and other day planner hardcover notebook paper printing products, all of them are not allowed to have large dust and black dust spots, so as to avoid other adverse effects.

5. Water content (degree)

Water content refers to the moisture content of a certain weight of paper that is balanced with the relative humidity of the environment under normal temperature conditions, also known as moisture content, referred to as water. Generally, the moisture content of offset paper is 6%~8%. If the water content of the notebook paper is too high, the tensile strength and surface strength are reduced, the plasticity is enhanced, and the ink film curing at the printing speed is delayed, then tight edges, ruffles, curls, or unevenness will be formed, and wrinkles and folds will be generated during printing.

Therefore, in the actual hardcover leather planner printing work and in the process of post-press processing, the moisture content of the notebook paper or printed sheet should be controlled professionally, and reasonable moisture extraction or humidification can have a certain impact on the actual effect of the product. In GuangAo, a special person will be responsible for this work.

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6. PH of the Paper

Acidity or alkalinity refers to the property (expressed by pH value) that the planner notebook paper is acidic or alkaline. The pH of paper is an important factor to inhibit or accelerate ink drying or affect the pH value of the wetting solution, and also affects the durability of printed matter (ink fading). A printing captain told me this, and GuangAo was surprised that they could learn so much as front-line technicians of the company.

After 23 years of persistence in Planner custom and printing, GuangAo always takes every hardcover planner seriously for printing and binding, strictly checks raw materials, and presents customers with perfect organizer notebooks. Start
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