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What is Paper Planner

Paper Planner Origin

A paper Planner is a small notepad that is often carried around and records various things that you think, do, and are afraid of forgetting. It usually contains a diary, calendar, address book, blank paper, and other sections.

But the handbook is not a simple notepad. It is a super manual that integrates schedules, life insights, reading experience, consumption income and expenditure, and even an encyclopedia. Seals, etc. are used to decorate, and the purchase price is also very close to the people.

With the revival of Planner, more and more cultural and creative brands have begun to make and design their own original Planners. Searching on Google, various paper Planner merchants will appear~

Of course, famous paper Planner brands are generally more expensive, but as we said before, Planner is just a management tool. Therefore, you can choose different design concepts and affordable Planners according to your own needs and wallets~ It’s not worth the effort to buy expensive paper Planners~

paper planner

Style Classification

The styles of common Planner on the market can be divided into TN-type Planner, fixed-page Planner, and loose-leaf Planner. According to different sizes, generally A6 and A5 Planner are more common.

Function inner page

The functional inner pages of normal Planner on the market include: one page per day/one page for two days; weekly plan; monthly plan; time axis; reading/moving notes; timeline inner page, cornell inner page, fitness check-in Planner, appointment planners, food planner etc.)

Well, that’s all for today’s sharing~ Those who like Planner can make their own choices according to their own usage. Of course, if you have good designs and ideas, you can also contact GuangAo, check our solutions in various themes, we are professional paper Planner customization and design solutions provider.