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Organizer Notebook Binding Knowledge

Generally speaking, many people do not know what organizer notebook binding is. In fact, the form of planner binding is divided into two parts: one is the combination of the external form of the business book, and the other is the combination of the internal text of the pages.

organizer notebook
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Organizer Binding Parts

  • The external transfer forms of organizer notebook are divided into the envelope, mouth, front cover, spine, back cover, planner cover, journal book box, and gift packaging.
  • The internal text combination of the organizer notebook includes ring lining, image page, inscription, title page, preface, preface, table of contents, text, illustrations, index, bibliography, postscript, and copyright page binding content.

Planner Binding Material

  • Binding materials combined in the external form, from the perspective of external form combination, the binding materials required for planners are as follows: paper and cardboard, cover fabrics include nitrocellulose varnished cloth, plastic-coated (PVC), cotton textile, Hemp textile, silk textile, polyester blend, wool textile, leather, wood, metal, etc.
  • The internal form of organizer notebook materials is generally paper, but there are many types of paper. Common papers are letterpress paper, offset paper, coated paper, light-coated paper, micro-coated paper, calendered paper, color paper, copy paper, sulfate paper, dictionary paper, map paper, braille paper, novel paper, gangu and munchen paper, etc.
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