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Printing Hardcover Daily Planner Need To Know

Daily Planner Printing and Manufacturer is a printing and binding technology with many processes and complicated operations. The processing difficulty is higher than that of paperback printing, saddle stitching printing, and single-sheet printing, and there will be more quality problems. Therefore, Production Hardcover Daily Planner not only requires a high technical level of operators but also requires advanced production equipment. The industry benchmark of printing equipment Heidelberg printing press and the exclusive hardcover production line Martini hardcover linkage line are essential.

Daily Planner

To ensure the quality of hardcover daily planner diary printing, operators should master the precautions for each post-printing process:

  1. Identify the version, binding structure size, color, text content, and material.
  2. Cover color, surface treatment, dragging, scratching, damage, fire bubble, rebound, crumpling, book block cut oblique, knife flower.
  3. The ridge character is centered, the book head, book foot, and book block cannot be slanted, the two ends of the head cloth are consistent, whether there is empty glue, overflowing glue, whether the ridge is missing, and the length of the ribbon.
  4. The color of the backing paper, no glue overflow, no air bubbles, large wrinkles, and floating mouth are centered.
  5. The text should not be cut to words and white borders, the page-crossing diagram should be aligned up and down, the page-crossing color should be consistent, and the page number sequence should not be messy, dirty, or damaged.
  6. Check the quality of each product in the process, and then produce bulk goods after confirmation.
  7. The confirmation of the first piece must be signed and confirmed by the production minister, supervisor and quality before mass production.

The Dynamic Shape Of The Daily Planner Printing Process

When you hold an exquisite Planner in your hand, you can immediately give an intuitive feeling, wow! This daily planner journal is very special and impressed you. This is the point of success, but have you learned about the craftsmanship used to make the cover of a daily planner notebook?

1. Daily Planner Cover usually includes UV, bronzing, frosting, lamination, oiling, embossing, hot coloring, indentation, and other processes.

UV process: UV looks brighter in the UV part, and it will be slightly raised to the touch, but it cannot be seen. UV mainly has good gloss, wear resistance, and water resistance, does not corrode paper, improves the brightness of color, protects the surface of products, etc. Some laminating products are now changed to UV, which can meet environmental protection requirements, but UV products are not easy to bond, and some can only pass Local UV or grinding to solve. The UV effect is divided into bright UV and dumb UV.

2. Over-varnish process: In fact, it is similar to the UV process, but the process of over-varnish is simpler, and the brightness is lower than that of UV. Over-varnish can make the appearance of printed papers brighter and brighter, and can also improve the protection of printed products.

3. Lamination process: The paper and plastic film are laminated by hot pressing, and the transparent plastic film is adhered to the surface of the Planner notebook cover by hot pressing. It has the advantages of good flatness, wears resistance, water resistance, and antifouling, and increases its gloss. There are two kinds of film: glossy film and matte film. The glossy film is brighter, which makes the surface of the book dazzling and magnificent; the color of the matte film is darkened and looks soft, which makes the book thick and elegant. Generally, it is more high-end than light film, and the cost is higher than that of light film.

daily planner notebook

4. Concave-convex embossing process: also known as embossing and embossing, it uses matching concave and convex steel molds or copper molds to extrude the outline of the entire graphic or embossed pattern in a concave-convex three-dimensional shape. In Organizer notebook binding, embossing is mainly used to print cover text and patterns or wireframes to improve the three-dimensional sense of the printed matter. It can also be printed with ink or partial UV varnishing after embossing to make the graphics more prominent. Mainly used on the cover or cover of the hardcover or paperback Planners.

5. Hot stamping process: also known as hot stamping. It is to apply foil after heating the metal printing plate, and imprint the golden text or pattern on the printed matter. Hot stamping can make the pattern clear and beautiful, the color is bright and bright, and increase the sparkle of the printed matter. The most typical example of bronzing is the gold lettering on the hard case of a hardcover daily planner. Can be ironed in a variety of colors, as well as laser gold, with a laser refraction effect.

6. Die-cutting process: The printed matter or Planner paper is rolled into arcs or other complex shapes on the die-cutting machine, and the printed matter can also be punched or hollowed out.

7. Indentation process: also known as indentation line or creasing line, which embosses traces on the printed matter, or leaves groove marks for bending. Generally, the cover of thicker notebook papers should be indented on the left fold of the cover.

The production process of Hardcover Daily Planner is an important part of book printing, which largely determines whether an action Planner looks beautiful and high-end.

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