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Simple Planner Accessories

Before I shared with you several commonly used Planner brands on the market. In order to make your simple Planner beautiful and practical, today we will introduce the peripherals of Planner and the manifestations of it.

Washi Tape

Common foreign brands are: Japanese MT and Kurashiki Craftsman, which are of better quality than domestic ones. After a long time, they can also have moderate viscosity and will not easily change color or lose glue. Many illustrators are also designing their own washi tapes.

The “Forbidden City Taobao” of China’s Palace Museum is also selling washi tape. In particular, the “I know” series of tapes launched by the National Palace Museum in Taipei a few years ago are very popular with everyone~

Washi tapes come in a variety of colors and are widely used. Not only can you decorate the simple Planner, but you can also decorate walls, lipsticks, packaging, etc. There are also some brain-opening ideas~

Whole rolls of washi tape vary in price. The affordable shop on Taobao recommends “Moxuan Washi Tape”. Original brand tapes are generally more expensive, but Taobao has recyclable packaging available everywhere, and you can also exchange materials with friends who also like washi tape~

simple planner


In addition, there are also some self-made stickers by many illustrators. If you don’t want to buy them, you can also go online to Weibo to search for some sticker materials, pay daily, and then print them yourself or go to Taobao to print them. There are many, many such resources~

Stamp pad

The seal pads on the market are uneven, the most common ones are small seals with nut shells, transparent silicone seals, wooden seals, roller seals and so on from other brands. In addition, you can buy your own pigments and print and dye creative patterns with various materials at hand, such as using cabbage cabbage, printing and dyeing flower patterns and so on.


① Pen: There are also many pens made in China, such as the hero pen of the old brand, the eternal life pen, and so on. For foreign fountain pens, we will not talk about Montblanc, but let’s talk about some common brands: Baile, Lingmei, Schneider and so on.

In terms of ink, there are not only black and blue inks, but color inks are also very popular now. The price is slightly more expensive than black and blue, but there are separate packages.

②Gel pens, highlighters: The common brands with better evaluation are Japanese: Baile, Mitsubishi, Zebra, Muji, etc.

③Brushes and brushes: the common ones are Kure bamboo watercolor brushes, etc. Others include colored pencils, oil brushes, etc.

Lace belt and Correction belt

The common ones are Japan’s PLUS modification belt.

Small tools such as punching machine, template ruler, post-it notes, etc.

The punching machine is mainly used for the loose-leaf Planner, punching the data into the simple Planner. The template ruler can be used to draw the confirmation square in front of the To do list, or other symbolic expressions. Post-it notes are also versatile and can also be used to decorate simple Planners.

simple planner

Accessories such as ornaments, embroidery stickers, etc.

It is mainly used to decorate the appearance of simple Planner, and the things you carry with you should also be beautiful~


The brands recommended by Planner bloggers generally include Canon, HP, etc., as well as a variety of photo printers and cuckoo machines. Photos, stickers, labels, and more can be printed for easy decoration and documentation on the calendar Planner.

If you want to learn more about peripherals for Planner, browse our services page, including all aspects of calendar planner there.

In general, the current simple Planner surrounding is very rich. But the periphery of Planner is only a small tool used to serve Planner itself, and we are the users of Planner. Therefore, in fact, many Planner peripherals are dispensable. It’s easy to get into the pit, but don’t forget the original intention of writing simple Planner, don’t put the cart before the horse~