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How To Prevent Journal Planner From Inverse Binding?

If you buy a hardcover journal planner that you like for a long time, open it and find that the direction of the picture and text is opposite to the cover, which is what we call an inverse book every day. How would our customers or users feel if they received it? Annoyed, irritable…

At this time, you will blame the bookstore’s products for such poor quality and then complain about replacement…… In fact, these results are due to the unprofessionalism of the printing factory. So how did we GuangAo prevent the hardcover journal from going backward?

As we all know, due to a large number of pages in the hardcover daily notebook, the control pressure is much higher than that of an ordinary book in the pre-press or post-press process.

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In GuangAo, the hardcover productivity notebook for printing and binding will be controlled from the production of prepress documents, and a logo indicating the Planner direction will be made on the reverse side of the backing paper, and the logo will be printed at the same time as printing. In this way, you can avoid the fallback.

In fact, there are many ways to prevent the backside of hardcover writing paper. Out of the sense of responsibility for our terminal hardcover readers, GuangAo not only controls the thick hardcover weekly journal notebooks but also controls every hardcover writng page produced in GuangAo in strict accordance with this method. At the same time, it will conduct a comprehensive inspection of each notebooks that will be shipped to ensure that every paper that leaves the factory in GuangAo is 100% good.

Every little action of Shenzhen GuangAo reflects the awe of every reader. GuangAo stationery printing factory has a full line of hardcover goal page printing and binding equipment, a large martini hardcover linkage line, and professional standards that make every good writng book. For more information mail us, GuangAo official website

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GuangAo requires everyone to be responsible for product quality, find quality problems in a timely manner, and solve problems in the place of origin. Unlike ordinary personal organizer custom manufacturers, we are a manufacturer engaged in stationery personalized custom design printing and binding. According to inertial thinking, perhaps no Planner printing factory in everyone’s mind will propose such quality control and apply it to the real world. GuangAo is really doing it without any hassle.

What’s more, there is also a group of skilled printing captains to escort each of your hardcover notebook works. Talent, technology and equipment are the important factors for Shenzhen GuangAo to base itself in the customized Planner industry for 24 years.

To make Planner printing and publishing simple and efficient, the intermediate link that Shenzhen GuangAo can do is to undertake the bridge between users and customers. The wisdom of users, wholesalers, retailers, importers, and even Planner designers is unified into the expression of GuangAo. Undoubtedly, Shenzhen GuangAo did not disappoint customers in these upstream and downstream industries.

On the basis of the original software and hardware equipment, in 2017, the technology of G7 gray balance color management was added to the machine, which is another guarantee for customers who are worried about the color difference journal organizer and periodicals. Not only that, the new Ryobi Xinling five-color machine is very suitable for printing high-end hardcover gift and periodicals, and our Martini hardcover linkage line, the whole line of post-process bookbinding equipment is the world’s advanced.

GuangAo can provide customers is not only service-, but also the process of high efficiency and the high-quality response of book printing and binding supported by strength.