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Type of Best Planner

Dear friends, we simply know that best Planner is a positive way of life, a carrier for recording life, and a tool for self-management. So today let’s take a look at the common types of Planners on the market?

1. Schedule/Itinerary Planner

Typical efficiency manuals, timelines, weekly plans, monthly plans and other functions. For making lists, arranging jobs and courses, etc., it is convenient to arrange various things.

The “Notepad Dream Plan” says, “Write things down in a notepad, and then forget them with peace of mind, so that you can spend more brain power on important things.” Of course, this does not mean really forgetting, it means that best Planner is regarded as a Part of the expansion of my own brain, after forgetting things, you can always look at them later.

2. Diary Planner

Keeping a diary, on the one hand, can record happy things for later recall. On the other hand, you can record unhappy things, summarize and reflect on yourself. I usually write it down when I feel anxious and confused. In the process of writing and sorting out, you can often find your own goals, and you can get release and encouragement from them.

best planner

3. Travel Planner

Plan your itinerary, record notes and thoughts, and more. When I traveled alone before, I didn’t remember the concept of best Planner at the time. I used a piece of A4 paper to record the strategy I found on the Internet, but I lost it when I came back, and I can’t remember many of the attractions I have been to now, which is a pity.

4. Bookkeeping Planner

Records such as financial management and expenses can be summarized once a month. At the end of the year, you will see huge numbers~

5. Food Planner

Record recipes, food you have eaten and so on. Generally, bloggers who are good at painting will use painting records. Handicapped party can post photos~

best planner

6. Parenting Planner/Pet Planner

Usually, the baby’s growth is recorded in the form of photos.

7. Reading/Watching Movie Planner

Record book reviews, book summaries, movie introductions, movie reviews, etc.

8. Learning Planner

You can record course notes, learning progress, mind maps, punch records, etc.

Fitness planner

9. Fitness Planner

Record daily weight, body fat rate, recipes, exercise volume, water consumption, etc. Girls can also record their cosmetics, skin care, etc. Help yourself manage your body with Planner.

10. Customization

Such as inspiration records, etc. You can unlock various unlocks according to your own situation and find the best Planner that suits you~

Planner comes in many forms, but our time is limited. Some friends want to live a richer life and prepare various best Planners for themselves, but in the end they all become blank, which is a bit of a waste. If you have enough time and want to be more organized, you can choose a few things you want to do and goals you want to accomplish most to record according to your goals and plans. If you don’t have time to write, then “all in one” is not bad~ A full book will be very fulfilling~

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