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What is Stone Paper?

Stone paper is a new material between paper and plastic, which can not only replace some traditional functional paper, professional personal planner paper or business planner printing paper, but also replace most of the traditional plastic packaging. In addition, it has the characteristics of low cost and controllable degradation, which can save a lot of cost for users without causing pollution. From the perspective of replacing traditional paper, it can save a lot of forest resources for the society and reduce secondary pollution during the paper making process;

From the perspective of replacing some traditional plastic packaging, it can save a lot of strategic resource oil (2.3 tons of oil can be saved for every 1 ton used), and the product can be degraded after use without causing secondary white pollution. The stone notebook page industry, a new environmentally friendly material, has a wide range of materials, and has a very broad space for product upgrade, technology improvement, and application field expansion. It is a very vigorous and promising industry.

stone paper planner
Stone Ppaer Planner
stone paper
Stone Paper Gift-set

Eco-friendly Raw Material Production Planner

Environmentalism is not just a slogan at present. In modern life, with the improvement of people’s ideas, environmental protection is everywhere in every corner of life. GuangAo’s environmentalism not only has green printing certification, but also is reflected in the use of environmentally friendly and assured raw materials throughout the entire process, presenting exquisite hardcover Stone Paper Planner art to customers.

In fact, many customers of GuangAo Planner Printing Factory are not only European, but even domestic ones have begun to pay attention to environmental protection printing. Whenever a customer mentions the keyword of environmental protection printing, GuangAo will think of the printing raw material paper that has been used all the time and is completely non-toxic and harmless of soy ink.

Based on the social environment, GuangAo is responsible to customers. Each stone paper raw material is sourced carefully, and each index has passed through formal channels, passed various inspections and has qualified and valid certificates. At the same time, each of our Planner customized processes will be Arrange the corresponding raw material control personnel to be responsible for sampling inspections or conduct large-scale inspections based on the process review results of each bullet journal order, check at every level, and strictly prevent the inflow of bad raw materials.

In the whole process, GuangAo will follow the concept of ecology, energy saving and emission reduction and integrate it into the printing process of stone paper notebook, the characteristics of hardcover organizer products, the use of functions and waste disposal.

GuangAo will always try its best to collect and provide customers with assured raw materials for making every palnner. At the same time, it has the FSC forest management system to ensure that the personal paper organizer comes from sustainable forests.

stone paper
How to make Stone Paper

Eco-friendly Stone Paper Planner Printing

Green printing refers to the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes, the printing process produces less pollution, saves resources and energy, and is easy to recycle and recycle after the printed matter is discarded, can be naturally degraded, and has little impact on the ecological environment.

Not only green printing is required in book printing, in fact, all printing processes require green printing, which is a sustainable environmental protection concept for our printing industry. Green printing emphasizes the coordination of production activities and the environment, including the use of environmentally friendly printing materials, clean printing production processes, the safety of printed materials for users, and the recycling and recyclability of printed materials, that is, printed materials are selected from raw materials, production, use, recycling, etc. The entire life cycle should comply with environmental protection requirements.

What are GuangAo requirements for raw materials and accessories for green printing in planner printing production activities? The first is in terms of accessories; the glazing process of custom planner book requires water-based or light-curing glazing oil, and the requirements for powder spraying must be plant-based powder spraying, and then the use of film coating adhesives It is required to be water-based laminating adhesive, and green printing also requires that ink, varnish, blanket, and adhesive should not be added with 6 kinds of phthalates.

In addition, green printing should meet GB/T24999 standard for paper brightness, green printing, especially for primary and secondary school planner books, should meet GB/T18359 standard, and cyclohexanone is limited in the limit of harmful substances in green printing products The value is ≤1.0mg/㎡, the amount of alcohol added in the fountain solution used in printing production activities should be ≤5%, and the limit of harmful substances in lithographic printing products requires xylene ≤0.25mg/㎡, recycled paper planner is waste paper, As raw material, it is smashed, decolorized and pulped, and then processed through a variety of complex processes to produce printing planner pages.

Since the country advocated green printing in 2010, GuangAo has been using its own practical actions to achieve the standard of green stone paper printing in diy planner book printing. Good quality stems from Mida Printing’s recognition that green printing of hardcover printing process is a printing technology that is friendly to the environment and beneficial to health, and can benefit our next generation at the same time

The stone paper is also great for labels, envelopes, calendars, notepads, daily weekly monthly planner, maps, workbooks – and many other applications! We implement your ideas together, write to GuangAo, design your own planner book.

Eco-friendly Stone Paper Custom

Whether you are customizing hardcover stone paper, A4, A5, A6 size, or loose-leaf stone paper, GuangAo is top stone paper manufacturer for 20 years and has high-quality stone paper machines and craftsmanship to escort your notepad business. Let‘s see the stone notebook.

  • About 80% of waste cornerstone
  • Environmentally friendly resin about 20%
  • Environmental protection special process treatment
  • Similar writing performance and printing effect to vegetable fiber paper
  • No tree felling, no water consumption
  • No strong acid, strong alkali, bleaching agent added