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Planner Paper Appearance Quality and Inspection

Carrying out hardcover planner printing in GuangAo, from purchasing to the paper warehouse manager to the printing head, they are in daily contact with paper, and have their own understanding of the appearance quality of paper. Let GuangAo talk about the appearance quality and quality of paper based on their experience today. How to check the appearance quality of paper.

The appearance quality of Planner paper refers to the quality of paper that can be identified and identified only by human sensory ability without instrument detection. Generally speaking, the appearance quality of paper refers to the feeling left by the paper sheet, but for printing technicians, not only the appearance quality of the paper should be paid attention to, but also the appearance quality of the paper sheet or the finished paper of the strip-shaped sheet must be paid attention to.

The appearance quality of the Pages themselves and the finished paper affects the use of paper to varying degrees. Poor appearance quality will not only reduce the use value of the paper and the quality of planner printing but also make Planner Custom waste in severe cases. Paper that seriously damages the appearance of the paper, such as hard blocks or dirt, will also damage the printing plate and blanket cylinder during the printing process, causing equipment damage or the Planner will be scrapped directly.

In response to these problems, GuangAo will require warehouse managers and printing process personnel to check the appearance of personal paper organizers when sending and receiving personal paper organizers, mainly from the following three aspects

  1. Regarding the quality of the personal planner paper, it is necessary to confirm whether the outer packaging is good, whether the size is qualified, the packaging quality, and the degree of damage.
  2. Master the basic paper quality, color, paper evenness, flexibility, extensibility, smoothness, cleanliness of paper, etc.
  3. Randomly check the number of sheets with paper defects on the flat sheet of paper, and obtain the approximate omission rate of the brand or the supplier’s paper, which can be adjusted and monitored according to this data in the future.

What do you need to pay attention to when custom notebooks and planners?

Many printing plants emphasize that their machinery and equipment are very good and advanced. In fact, good equipment does not mean all-win. Good equipment and a good printing head are the double insurance for GuangAo printing factory’s excellent product quality. Then an excellent printing head What professional skills are required?

According to GuangAo Printing’s 23 years of industry experience, the following five points are summarized

1. The ink balance can be well grasped

A qualified hardcover printing machine leader must have good control of ink balance. For hardcover printing, ink balance is very important. In many years of work, the senior printing machine elder of GuangAo Printing has summed up a set of adjustments.

The method of ink balance: when pre-adjusting the ink before printing each order, the amount of water should be reduced first (this is because if the amount of ink in the previous order is large, the amount of water in the previous order will be correspondingly large. Do not reduce the amount of water when adjusting the ink, which will cause the phenomenon of large water flushing), print the plate paper, and observe whether there is any floating dirt at the gripper (referring to the gripper when the printing press is loaded on the paper).

if not, continue to reduce If there is floating dirt, gradually increase the amount of water until the floating dirt at the mouth just disappears. After the printing is officially started, the solid density value on the signal bar is within the standard range, and the floating dirt at the mouth just disappears, the ink balance is in the best state at this time, which is the basic guarantee for the printing effect of personal planner notebook.

personal planner paper

2. Master the skills to keep the ink color of the printed product consistent

When the ink color of the printed product is inconsistent, that is, when the color difference occurs, the printing press should know to adjust the pressure of the water bucket roller, the pressure of the water roller and the printing plate, the pressure of the ink roller and the printing plate, and the pressure at both ends of the ink roller. . During the printing process, the printer leader should pay attention to the leveling of the ink roller, the water roller, and the cylinder. Only when the pressures of the water and ink rollers are within the normal range, can the ink color of the printed product be consistent, and the result is qualified Hardcover planner print.

3. Proficient in prepress knowledge and professional knowledge of printing materials

The printing press must be familiar with the professional knowledge of prepress, understand gray balance, color management, and other technologies, which are more conducive to printing operations; be familiar with the basic composition, performance, Changes in the printing process, measures can be taken before printing to avoid related failures.

Of course, many hardcover book printing factories do not have high requirements for the skills of printing captains, but GuangAo Printing still has such requirements for captains and requires a certain level of cognition of prepress and materials.

4. Be good at watching the signal bar

When printing a hardcover Planner, the printer supervisor should observe the signal bar. For example, if 80% of the dots on the signal bar in a certain area are dead and the ink color is too heavy, it means that the ink volume in this printing area is too large, and the ink volume in this area should be reduced in time, then the ink cannot be transferred in time, and the hardcover book prints There will be inconsistency in ink color, and ink emulsification will also easily cause the ink drying speed to decrease and the ink layer to thicken, which is also the root cause of the sticking accident;

On the contrary, if 100% of the dots on the signal bar in a certain printing area are vacant, it means that in this area is The ink volume is small. As the printing speed increases and the water volume increases, the overall ink color of the printed product will be lighter. During the printing process, the printer leader must always pay attention to the changes in the signal bar, to ensure that the solid density on the signal bar is within the standard range, the gray balance is not discolored, and 80% of the dots are not glued to death. qualified.

5. Keep the comparison of the print proofs

In the process of hardcover Planner printing, we also require the printing press to keep comparing and sampling the printing proofs from time to time during the whole process to keep the printing effect stable in real-time and solve any problems as soon as possible. A qualified printing press also reflects Signing and approving the printed proofs of the hardcover planner organizer notebook produced by him is a reflection of his confidence in his work, and it is also a reflection of his job responsibilities.